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If anyone else feels up to the challenge... Deadline Today

Jun 28, 2012

I am a student teacher and looking for someone to help my lesson come alive... I need a large 2D Minecraft image to display on the smart board.

The lesson is about air pollution and acid rain, as you might tell from the linked image... I just need the landscape recreated using minecraft tiles/pixels, ignoring the arrows and labels etc.

... the main image to be clearly recognisable as Minecraft and still have the details I need to explain the steps highlighted in the linked image.

...if you could to create a new Minecraft styled elements/tiles, for example for things like smoke/gas, acid rain etc.

I would need these ideally in less than 8 hours...

Please be kind with your quotes and if you require any more information or guidance on what i would require please comment below...


NB. www.epa.gov/acidrain/what-acid…
The image is the first one called "Acid Rain Pathway"