If Carlsberg did Football teams - A Boldklubben Frem Story


Jan 26, 2017
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A Little Bit About Why I've Chosen This Save

Well first thing is I always stick to the main European countries in FM saves so I want to do something a little different with this one on picking a nation outside of the usual ones you see people play and with this save we will be going to Denmark who famously won the European Championships in 1992 with players like Peter Schmeichel, Flemming Povlsen, John Sivebæk, Lars Olsen and Brian Laudrup who were all playing for top teams across Europe at the time. Denmark have continued to produce world class players over the years such as Kasper Schmeichel, Simon Kjær, Andreas Christensen, Christian Eriksen and the latest being Rasmus Højlund who is the future of the national team. The national team currently sits 20th in the world which shows its still up there but has the potential to do better. They are also sit all the way down in 17th in the coefficients meaning that we have plenty to grow there as well but will heavily rely on other teams keeping us there or growing it for a good few seasons.

Who am I Starting With?


I'll be starting with Boldklubben Frem also known as BK Frem who play in the bottom league in Denmark at the moment but have quite an interesting history when you read into it.

Boldklubben Frem (also known as Frem, BK Frem or BK Frem Copenhagen) is a Danish sports club based in the Valby-Sydhavnen area of Copenhagen. It is best known for its semi-professional football team. Since its foundation in 1886, Frem has won the Danish Championships six times and the Danish Cup twice. Until the disastrous bankruptcy in 1993, Frem had played in the top division all but six seasons. After the bankruptcy the club fought its way back to the top of Danish football, but in 2010 it went bankrupt again and was demoted to the Copenhagen Series—the fifth tier in the Danish league system. After two back to back promotions, the club now participates in the Danish 2nd Division, the third tier.

After the clubs bankruptcy in summer 2010, Frem got a helping hand from Danish brewery giant Carlsberg. Being from the same city they signed on as main sponsor, because they saw it as a chance to help the fellow Valby-based brand back on its feet. In July 2013 an extension for three years was announced. On 11 June 2016 it was prolonged for another three years and they are still the current sponsor of the team.

As they also play in Copenhagen then we will also be looking at the big brother challenge of trying to topple FC København as well on our road to glory

In our next post we will look at my welcome to the club along with the expectations, squad and facilities​
Will be following as always! But I think your new club needs a new accountant!
Well we receive a warm welcome to the club as we arrive with no coaching badges and only Sunday league experience as well so hopefully the club invests in me and I can grow with the club


The Stadium

Valby Idrætspark is a multi-purpose stadium in Valby od Copenhagen, Denmark. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of Boldklubben Frem. Valby Idrætspark has hosted a total of nine Danish FA-recognized internationals. It has a capacity of 10,000 with seating of 4,400 which is used for normal matches.


Long term a new stadium will be on the cards as we go up the divisions and start to conquer Europe

Board Objectives


I've decided that since at the moment I only have a contract until the end of the season to only look at the objectives for this season but we all know my long term ambitions from my opening post. The good thing is the board share my ambitions of being promoted straight away this season to start our journey back up the leagues

Supporter Profile


Nothing really differs between the supporters and the board here with both looking for automatic promotion this season. We only have 298 season ticket holders so there is plenty of space to grow but we will be having to compete against the bigger teams in the city to try and steal fans from so it won't be easy.


I then got introduced to the squad


We have a total of 19 players in the first team squad just now so there is definitely room to grow but the worry is that all the contracts expire at the end of the season so hopefully we can work to renew some of the better players over the course of the season as there are some stand out players that look like they could go up a couple of leagues with us.


The issues with getting more players into the squad is that the bank balance isn't great and we have £0 available for transfers but we do have a wee bit of wiggle room in the wage budget if we can sign some free transfers




Meeting the staff it doesn't leave a lot to the imagination as we see the dire state of things as our coaching staff are awful and some of the worst in the division just now so it will be key to try and find some better people. On the upside we do have the best scouting in the league

In the next post we will look at tactics for the season ahead and also preseason before getting stuck into the league games​
Squad Improvements

With our limited budget we have only brought in one player to strengthen our defence with Tomas Borgersen joining us on a free from Ullern and with him being able to play at CB and RB he's nice and versatile and can cover the two positions and he looks like again he should go up a couple of divisions with us and develop



With us being so far down in the leagues then I want to play simple passing football with making the most of the wings to get the ball into the box but being solid in defence as well. We will look to play attacking football but with an anchor in-between the defence and midfield


Season Preview


Well we are odds on favourites for promotion this season which isn't a surprise since we were relegated last season. We also have 2 of the top 3 key players for the season ahead as well



Our first game of the season will be the cup this season as we enter it in the first round and been given an easy draw against non-league opposition meaning we should progress to the next round before getting stuck into league football​

DBU Pokalen 1st Round
Solrod v BK Frem


As expected here we get a very easy victory to set us on our way in the cup with a great attacking performance from the squad.

Lyseng v BK Frem


I wasn't too sure what to expect going into the first league game of the season but Seeger-Hansen does just enough with a strike from just inside the area to get us the win

BK Frem v Vejgaard


Things are seem to be tougher than I expected again as our set piece training came into its own here with new signing Borgersen getting the goal

Holbaek v BK Frem


Finally a decent performance in the league and it shows some of the quality we have at our disposal with 4 different goal scorers

BK Frem v Naesby


Everything looked great going in at half time with a huge lead but with 20 minutes and then we got a fright as we nearly managed to throw it away as our tiredness got to us

Young Boys FD v BK Frem


Again we looked comfortable going into the end of the game but a poor tackle gave the penalty away to give them an outside chance of a point



Well after the opening month we are top of the table by 5 points with another 17 games left in the preliminary phase its all still to play for


Although strictly they signed on the 1st September but with them no doubt getting games then we may as well announce them just now.

Johan Ella Ella


So good they named him twice. Ella Ella joins us on a free transfer and adds a bit more quality down the right wing for us

Louis-Dylan Pama Djobo


Djobo comes in on loan for the season to add a bit more depth up front for us but will be a bit part player



We continue our cup journey with another favourable draw with us coming up against non-league opposition which gives us a great chance​

BK Frem v VSK Aarhus


We weren't able to break down VSK here but our sub at half time was able to cut in off the wing to bag the only goal of the game

DBU Pokalen 2nd Round
Slagelse v BK Frem


WTF!!!!! We were strolling here after 27 minutes and looked like we had both feet in the next round and then we completely bottled it before then going out on penalties. I'm really disappointed with this as we should of done so much better.

Ishoj IF v BK Frem


Our heads were still down here and the loss didn't come as a surprise but I was hopping to bounce back here but sadly it wasn't to be

BK Frem v Vanlose IF


We manage to scrape a draw here but our attacking presence in this game was non-existent as we only managed one shot on target here.

Holstebro v BK Frem


Another game here where our striker may has well have not been on the pitch as it takes a corner to break the deadlock with Schou rising above the rest to head home



With dropping points this month our lead has been cut to just a single point now but we do still have a game in hand though



With us being out the cup its one less game to play this month so we just have the 5 league games to look forward​
Well lesson learnt do more research on the league your starting in as turns out I can't handle a 4 month winter break from the middle of November through to April so this has sadly died very quickly