If Cook can do it anyone can....a story of what can happen when you dont sell out!!


Jun 21, 2017
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A Portsmouth Football Club Story

Right this is my first story so any advice along the way just chuck it at me....constructively.

Portsmouth is one of those tales of a team sparking to life in the championship before getting to the premier league and going oh **** we need to spend. multiple owners including a fake sheikh(how did he pass fa vetting?) and Pompey barely stay alive after a fan buy out of the club.

Everything is hunky dory finally on the finance side but season after season they cant get out of league 2 even though they are the favourites every year with the biggest budget(average of 19000 full stadium each week does wonders to your wallet in that league) but always miss out.

All of a sudden a mythical hero appears who gets us to the playoffs in his first year(not sure that is a success though) before getting them promoted as champions the second year. Not by a landslide mind you pompey were only top for the last 40 minutes of the season....hardly awe inspiring right? in his speach he goes on about how much more we could do as a club with eisner coming in and that unless he is sacked he will never leave...a week later he is unveiled as Wigan manager!!

This story is how it should have been.
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Coming into the squad playing on the winter update i have only made one change and that is Luke McGee who pompey have signed in the summer, he is a young english keeper from spurs and i want to see how he does. pompey have signed other players but im not fussed with them so much...

I only decided to do a story after the first game of the season so here is a catch up

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Mostly Loans but with Pierre and Cain coming in on fees, wiped me out but managed to get them in with heavy add ons. Michael Brown came in as Player/Coach.

I tried to get Gribbon on loan but Man Utd wouldn't let him go so i got Walsh from Everton instead.

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Haven't really got the players to play a possession game yet so its fast attacking football.

So Far
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Decent pre-season and Connor Chaplin got his season of to a great start with two goals, Doyle is injured for August so it will be interesting to see what he can do because i had him down as one for the future coming in for game time in cups and off the bench.

Think i will post updates monthly and i have a couple of days off so expect plenty over the next couple of days.

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They had one shot on target.....a penalty!! Dominated them with a few players rested but couldn't get through with former Portsmouth defender Adam Webster getting man of the match.

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That wasn't fun, 23 shots 8 on target with only two goals....don't think my tactics are quite there yet. think i might ditch 3 man midfield and get a amc in behind the striker.

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That's more like it, better performance and who knew Chaplin can assist as well as score. He set up all three in this game and can also play as a shadow striker so might give him a go in behind doyle once he is back.

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Another all round good game with two more assists from Chaplin but no goals, 2 game drought? we shall see.

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Last gasp goal saves us but possible cause for concern, played Chaplin in behind Ahearne-Grant up front and he was woeful. think my hopes for him are going down the pan. on the plus side i think Cain -Doyle midfield partnership has potential.

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decent game with a makeshift team, not really trying to hard in the checkatrade.
End of August

So decent first month, a few players have impressed me and the team is coming together but it is missing something so i went out to find it and came up with this beauty on loan.

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Doyle isn't fit yet so i will play him behind Chaplin in the next game hopefully with the creative burden off him he can get back to scoring. After all i need to reward him for winning these two....

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So the reason this died off was because I dont turn off my pc....like ever it goes into sleep mode. Unfortunately, we had a power cut and i hadnt saved it at all yet...Lost everything but i have now stopped being angry and have restarted with regular saves so same situation as before will post my pre season this evening.
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Goodluck with the story