If i was my opponents in this game.....


Jan 22, 2011
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.....i would have popped myself lol :

Newcastle United 1:1 Arsenal

Arsenal had 27 shots, i had one 85th minute shot which turned out to be the equaliser.

Possession: 37-63
Shots: 1-27
SOT: 1-5
Red Cards: 1(Smith) - 0

I played Defensive for 83 mins and held out well, forcing them to shoot from distance, hence the poor shot accuracy shown above. Then i pushed everyone forward and Nolan scored a screamer from about 35 yards out...Then i pulled everyone back again.

I'm delighted with the result but if i was managing Arsenal there....i would have went MENTAL.

Just thought i'd share this as i thought it was pretty funny due to Arsenal's absolute dominance of the game.
There's no need to take it out of the kid "he is new", just refer him to the appropriate thread.

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woops just realised the guy above said that
Just remember you thinking this next time you lose in this way ;)