If you were the owner of SI


Jan 14, 2006
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If you were the owner of SI what you make different about footie manager or any of the other games they make????
I'd make a version for n00bs like me with rubbish computers. :(
I'd get the value of the company up and sell it
hmm i would make a rugby version i guess it would prob sell alot of copies
if i was the owner of SI, i would eploy sum nerds to make the games and sit on my fat **** eating cake lol
if i was the owner of SI, i would eploy sum nerds to make the games and sit on my fat **** eating cake lol

Which is what they probably already do
Don't understand rugby....I would prob try and make the matches 3D :D

i dunno if it would look any good 3D, i hated LMA because of the ***** 3D simulation from them, i wouldnt change anything, well i would probably advertise it a little more.
Id like to see an option to recommend one of your players for international duty. Used to have that sort of thing in CM when the media bought it up, but you should be able to do it through player interaction now. Would be a nice touch
I liked LMA's 3D but the players all looked the same which i didn't like....maybe more like watching Pro or Fifa graphics...
I think the 2D graphics fit FM perfect, If it all were 3D the players would look the same or u may have ronaldhino and he looks very realistic and the rest of the team has the same face - just wouldn't fit
I would take out 2d matches just have the text commentary again. Maybe get the media more involved. I like that about the international call ups but maybe the players could say they deserve a call up there selves. I would like it to be a little more like lma where you decide your ticket prices and can choose the design of your new ground that would be good and maybe design next seasons kit and choose new sponers, but you cant change the colours.
Ye ticket prices would be good and choosing ur own sponsors. However, saying that this FM does focus a little more on finances i.e clubs accepting low bids for top players and clubs being taken over by investors which I think is pretty good so I wouldn't be 2 suprised if something like this was included in next seasons game.
I hope so, i will make my ticket prices £5 kids £8 adults sell out. Be great id be birmingham and sack lonsdale on my first day in charge :D charva make
On one of them crappy manager games you could do drugs tests when you wanted...And defoe was worth 40m and ronaldinho was worth like 10 :knockout: