Il dorso Vantarsi, Con Juventus!


Sep 17, 2005
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Well like I said I would I decided to start a game with Juventus. Now I have not started a game of fm in Italy since Fiorentina were in Seria B and I decided to go them however I was looking forward to the challenge.

The board were looking for promotion right back to Seria A which I could accept and the fans wanted mid table. The media however were not behind me at all with odds of 25-1 this proved that not many were tipping me to win the league at the first attempt I mean -17 is a huge gap and I didn’t really think about some things when I started like...What if one or two clubs have amazing seasons and finish above me due to those -17 points at the start of the season. Or what if I cant find a decent tactic and it takes me a while to get out of the - zone, I realized if I was going to get out of this division this year I would need a great start.

When you first look at the squad you have to laugh and just last year they were one of the best sides in the world with such a strong squad, However some talent remains such as Buffon, Del Piero, Nedved, Cameronesi and Trezeguet, The rest of the squad I would class as average Seria A players but all in all strong enough to dominate this league.

Not many people wanted to move to the Seria B either so I did not have many options with my 8m but decided to sign Boa Morte for 6m which people keep laughing at but he ended up winning 2nd in player of the year and had 31 assists last season so it was a great signing.

I usually played a 4-1-3-2 formation and it worked all season leading me to losing just one game all season and that came on the last day :worried: and I ran away with the league it really was far to easy with half decent sides like Napoli and Bologna miles behind.

The second season should be a challenge I mean where do we go from here? The club is 16m in debt which is slowly decreasing as TV money is paid monthly :( so no new signings this season however I had to bid for Bojinov with Fiorentina and I was stuck bidding 100k thinking all was lost and a class player would be leaving I won him :yikes: Fiorentina bid 0 n00bs leaving me happy and players like Fabrizio Miccoli returning from loan at Benfica helping me improve the depth of my squad.

I still don't know what to expect from this season as when ever you hear Juventus you expect success but this is a different Juventus with no money and aging players so would I be happy with the media prediction of 8th or should I be looking for more?

The challenge in going Juventus really isn't getting them out of Seria B with -17 points, It's what you do when your promoted that’s the real challenge and I need to get this club back on top.

To be continued....
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Nice insight into one of the challenges of the game Kris.
I always start with Wolves as thats a **** side with no money (as well as being mthe club I support)
This installment of the game though has shined on Wolves a little bit more than usual. :D

With a hastily assembled squad (a la Mick McCarthy) and with £100k to spend, I was eyeing a mid-table finish at best. But the form and growth in stats of Jay Bothroyd, Mark Davies, Matt Murray, Denes Rosa, Guiilherme and Charlie Mulgrew (plus on loan Darren Potter), I walked the league with a mixture of tactics for home and away. Our annual early exit from both cup competitions left the players free to concentrate on the league (and new contracts :mad: ), and the Premiership was a formality.

Now, 10 games into that season, I'm having a nosebleed in 3rd having seen off Arsenal and Man Utd at home and holding Chelsea to a draw. My only signings have been cheap cast offs and frees, all young with potential and something to prove. The challenge is to keep us up there, then vastly improve the squad with the extra Premiership money next season.
I think i did so well last year because my squad are very ambitious it says on the info page so thats always a good thing.
I think i did so well last year because my squad are very ambitious it says on the info page so thats always a good thing.

Yea mine are the same. I think it helps when they're young trying to prove something too