Im bored in my Real Madrid, should i start a new game or resign or play it?


Jun 2, 2013
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Im really new to the PC game ( i played last year's PSP and Android version to death). I usually started with a mid table EPL team, but my love of Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid makes me choose it. 1st year, as i was a newbie, the 1st 2-3 months were awful, i was fifth one time in liga. But i read a lot in the net of the tactics and tips, then i went to win Spanish cup and Champions league (final was against Man U, Ronaldo scores the late ET winner, 3-2).

Though Liga was unreachable with almost 20+ points, i was awful away from home. In my 2nd season, i won almost all the trophies except the spanish cup, beaten by Atletico Madrid in semis. Won liga by 13 points, and Champs by beating barca in final in 2-0 (Ronaldo scored both, both are headers). The only thing that keeps me occupied in Liga is Ronaldo vs Messi, they were exchanging leads in both goals and AVR, messi was also top 2 in assist.

Now that they are in world cup, and transfer window is opening again, i find myself wanting to overhaul the roster. But i think it will mess the squad moral. The only thing that keeps me want to stay is barcelona bought a lot of GErmans this window, lewan, reus and hummels. Also the bad thing about playing REal is youth, i want to have good youths, but a lot of good youths are either germans or english. And i wanted to buy spanish players, but a lot of good ones are in barca, and all of them dont want to join their arch rivals. What do you think? Should i resign or play. Or just start a new game, so , maybe i can enjoy more?
There should be a lot of youths in other Spanish teams like Valencia, Atletico etc, at least there are in my games. Also, not all youths rise from Barca, the scouts find them and Barca grabs them, maybe you need to review your scout configuration?
My config is set up. yes there are a lot of spanish youths which is good but other nationalities are better. I resigned anyway, im now in swansea, but i was hired in august, i need more time.