I'm Chelsea and doing quite well but.........


Jan 2, 2011
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......... All my players are getting too cocky and are getting complacent. What is the best way to tackle this?

I've won the League cup still in the FA cup and Champions league and second in the prem with 8 to go.
Was hoping that would end with

"...keep throwing away 3-2 leads at home in the last minute"
As A*Manager said, try telling them not to get complacent, and if they do blast them.
That adds unnecessary pressure. Always go For the Fans, or Don't get Complacent.

Do it constantly and it will lose effect. Mix between , expect a win , for the fans or dont get complacent
I'll give that a go, It might just be the chelsea players. They can be a bit like that!
Following this has generally given me good results.


In short what it says is if you are favored, and there are reports of complacency, use "expect a win" as the general team talk with individual talks to the players that are reported as complacent of "expect a performance"

Then if you have a lead at half use "dont get complacent"

Playing as Chelsea myself I rarely have problems with the veterans (Terry, Lampard, Anelka, Drogba) but I have to get on Alex, Cole and Malouda at times plus a couple of the new additions.. Also if it gets to be a recurring problem with certain players, a couple of matches watching from the sidelines can help reinforce the point.

I'm in March in my first year and despite being 10 points clear in EPL I am seeing less and less reports of complacency.
If they are ambitious or determined, tell them you expect a performance from them or not to get complacent. Then, if they still do, slam them.
at the start of the game look at ***. manager feedback and put expect a performance for every member of the team who is complacent before the game and put expect a win for the overall team talk.

Midway put i have faith in you or you can make the difference for all squad members with ratings 7.5 or higher or who have scored and put dont get complacent for overall. Put angry for all members on around 6.0/1 and below at half time but don't ever put pleased or excellent or equivalents at half time put you have faith, even if they have scored a hat trick.
Ok they are still all a little cocky. I'm having big problems with Drogba, he doesn't like me, but I've just got into the final of the FA cup beating Liverpool 3-0 away so I must be doing something well?!?