Im Losing Motivation

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Hello,during my saves i have been lots of teams but now i am getting bored:mad: another problem is my game is corrupt so i can only finish one season hence the reason i dont like lower division clubs.

Please post a team i could be to solve this problem
Newcastle, you seem to support them so why not go a team you like.
hmm try addressing the game problem of only playing one season and have a real fun game

uninstall / reinstall or something or find out why

cant have much fun in one season - its as lame as a demo!!!
Read up on a different league on the net, and force yourself to find out about their history and a teams history, then you might get hooked and will feel the urge to play as them in the game. Re-install.
Cheers im athetico madrid on 1 save and man utd on the other ... both top of the league .Also buy michael carrick give him his own training scedual his first touch is 16 passing 20 creativity 20 and technique 17
Please reply quick ... would it solve the problem with the one season if i bought a new graphics card because ive bought 1
Hmmm probably not. Would be more down to low memory rather than the graphics card.

What card did u have?
Well ive update almost all my comp .new graphics card, sound .. memory was already high.And many gaming drivers
Please do not post on such an old thread
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