I'm new to FM and i don't understand somethings can someone help?

Bobby Moore 6

Dec 23, 2010
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I am new to Football Manager, this is the first one that i've owned so i have no previous experience on the game.
No matter how much money i bid for a player they seem to have no interest in coming to West Ham, and i was just wondering if there was any way that i could change this, i dont want any world class players, just some good players to keep West Ham from going down.
Also i feel that i am not doing enough for the team between games, what do you have to tactically during the week and when your not playing games?

I would like to know anyones answers on this and every answer will be grately appreciated.

Interact with the player and praise him or make the intrest known so he might consider it

otherwise west ham just have poor reputation so there wont be any quality players want to come... when searchin for a player get your *** man to filter the search with only players that are interested then you'll be able to find the players that would come
You could download FMRTE if you want, it is a real time editor in which you can edit your team's reputation to attract larger targets. This is frowned upon my some, but hey, you bought it, you play it how you like. Other than that ll you can do is win against big teams, win cups etc.

The "Ask assistant to rule out unrealistic targets" filter gives a brief idea of who you can sign.

Midweek you can talk to players to build morale etc. Other than that you just need your team to gel and set int he current formation. Although don't keep the same tactic for too long, the AI will eventually work it out.

If you're still struggling look on here for downloadable tactics, "Ghost 11" seems to have good results and the likes of JP Woody, The Better Half and Mr Hough have very successful tactics.

Good luck with it.
Is there anyway that i can edit the teams reputation so that some players would like to come to west ham?
you can also download the 11.2.1 patch that will make transfers alot smoother