Im Reading in first season need help!


Mar 28, 2006
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hey im reading and my team are doing ok but i feel they should be doing better i have attached screenshots of most things to give you an idea of what stage im at and what im doing any tips welcome .... any reccomendes signings welcome too cant get many men willing to join this league

Steve Coppell
well id get kitson in the team as he is a great championship striker and gets loads of goals for me

your goal difference isnt good enough really you need to be scoring more and conceding less (sounds obv) but maybe you need to look at a new defender - aaron fray from crystal palace is cheap and young and good. also get the scouts to south america and search there for a few months and he will bring back plenty of gems

try looking for a new keeper if possible on loan, man utd seem to have a few decent ones in the reserves or U18's for loan

try getting the wingers in more, play faster football and include the wide men , getting them crossing more as kitson is good at heading

keep your eye on the transfer list and just put loan bids in for everyone , they can only reject you - whats the worst that could happen

let us know how it goes

Anyone that you feel that can finsh quite often :)