I'm stumped about my network ip addreses!

May 30, 2006
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Ok, when I want to have a network game I always have 2 ip addresses say for example: that's how it appears. It doesn't work like this. I was hoping someone could tell me what i am doing wrong and whether this has ever happened to them? Thanks!:D
Ok, I am not too good with comps. What is a proxy? lol I know it's summat to do with a server....
So once I clicked on that link the I.P that came up is mine? I'm still confused, sorry for the trouble. But does this ever change or anything? Or will this always be my i.p thanks
It depends on your ISP. Some have a static IP (stays the same) and some have a dynamic IP (changes).

It's best to check on that website everytime to make sure you are giving out the right IP.
Ok, I know I keep going on but I promise this is the last question. So when I have a network game on fm and it's going by my server or w/e, the i.p that it says on that webby is the i.p people need to join my network game for fm?
with whats coming up on your fm you must use a router and in that case your router settings will prob be blocking you hosting a net game but feel free to try.
I figured it out i took the firewall off and used the second i.p address and it works! woohoo
You figured it out?:| i'll think you'll find i did mate ;) no credit for u
Anyone could have told you to disable your firewall, but it's up to you if you want to take that risk.
Joe Sean is trying to say any idiot could have recommended him to turn his firewall off but that just exposes his PC to attacks. That's why we told him to open the ports needed.
It was joe who told me to and he's one of my best mates so i doubt he would attack my comp :)
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Yeh but now you don't have your firewall enabled, anyone can attack your computer. :p