Im suck with Galatasaray


Feb 5, 2016
I am managing Galatasaray, and I use Sunfire V3, its very good, but you need a good squad. Get good Turkish players with a mix of foreign players to make up the squad.


1: Get rid of the high-wage and rubbish players like Sabri, Burak, Umut, Sinan etc, anyone who is below 3 star rating making 15k/w € needs to be sold. Get Zivkovic and put him on MR/AMR and NEVER take him out, I made the mistake of selling him to PSG for 90M € , even though it made it possible for me to get 4-5 good players, I miss him dearly.

2: Your good players are:
GK: Muslera
DEF: Telles, Chedjou
MID: Emre Çolak, Sneijder, Bruma, Selçuk İnan
FW: Podolski

3: Make money off friendlies, get a lot of young Turkish players, and play friendlies whenever you aren't playing a mid-week match. I make almost 8-9 million a year from friendlies.

4: Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe are your rivals, true, but fear Antalyaspor, Göztepe, Sivasspor, and Başakşehir, they can pose a VERY REAL threat. I know Göztepe isn't even in super league, they will promote and play a lot better than many teams in Super League.