Impossible is nothing... Burnley runners-up & League Cup winners 1st season


Mar 13, 2014
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Hello everyone,

this is my first tactic ever posted so dont be to harsh ;)

Ive decided to create something wich imo isnt obvious and the result is much better than expected...
there's no better team to test a tactic than Burnley, with all the respect... media pred 20th in most difficult leauge out there imo...

so here it is:
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their squad and transfer budget is far from impressive, so i managed to sign on loan a few Barca youngsters and Gil Romero in January
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i find 2nd place as a great success, but 1 more win would give me a title :)
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some games:
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Capital One Cup final:
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Home & away, no tweaks whatsoever and obviously 'long throw' taker would be an advantage...
team talks and training by assistant, i watch games on key highlights...

enjoy :)

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Would you mind posting a screen shot of your team instructions? We have a similar set up and want to compare and see where I can make mine better
What is your training for pre-season and during-season?
What is your training for pre-season and during-season?

i leave default training for pre-season and during season... pre-seaon around 10 easy friendlies to get tactic fluid before season kick-off...

Can you plz post the tactics coz the link seems to be broken. And thank you for your amazing work as this was my most favorite for years of playing FM15