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Impossible, or just difficult?I'm the type of fella , who will start a save and if i

Jul 29, 2009
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I'm the type of fella , who will start a save and if i get bored i just start another, well i was that sort of player, but now i want something long term, a big project, something i can fairly hard at.. So this is what i'm going to under-go or at least try too, and i;ll take any advice from any of the members here.

Basically, i want to transform an entire league, into a powerful league. Not just any league, but the league or Ireland.. I can only imagine how long it will take.. it took me about 6 seasons on fm12 to get Ireland an automatic place in the Champions league play-off stage, nevermind the group stage... I just really want to create a new era of Irish Football, develop world class players and a world class league that the big players would love to play in.

Is this possible? Any idea how long it will take?

I was thinking of just building teams one by one, starting at the top and turning them pro and then getting in as much money as possible.

One problem i do see happening is the amount of prize money, will i have to change that in the Editor , or will it increase as the leagues rep goes up?