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Impossible to play a vertical attacking strategy


Oct 2, 2020
Hi all,

nice to be here this is my first post.

I'm currently playing a career with Dinamo Bucarest, and after years of success we are now a Champions League reality.
However, I can't make the team play the way I want! I'd like to play a more vertical positive transition, attacking the spaces with my forwards, while instead the two Midflieder and the Advanced Midfielder develop a more slow, horizontally based play, such as "tiki taka", which I don't want to see anymore! I'm currently playing a 3-5-1-2 but this "horizontal" play comes out with almost every tactic I implement.

Is it possible to adopt a more vertical play, with the forwards and the side wingers attacking the space and the midfielders looking always for the decisive assist? What instructions I must set in the tactics panels?
Thank you for your attention, please help :)