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Impossible to win after AI scores...


Dec 20, 2017
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It's impossible to win after my opponent scores, everytime that happens i lose 1-0, or lose by more if i go full attack.
One time i'd tied the game (1-1) but it was only ONCE.
Won the Champion League in the first season (when this didnt happen), but after the 2nd season it started.And when im losing 1-0 and i asked my players to do more, they DO more but they ALWAYS hit the woodwork, sometimes it is just unreal [(Clear Cut Chance in +/- 5 meters from the goal)Once a player shoot to the goal but a teammate that was behind him gets in the way of the shot and he blocked...yeah, completly unreal)

I created 5+ CCC and 7+ HCC and no goal, always woodwork or easy saves...

Pls help me

PS: English is not my first language, sorry.

Don't mind the players, their instructions, and duties, because i tend to change to always have natural Green.

Translation of Tactics Screen: 1º picture: Use Offside Trap; 2º picture: More Direct Passes, Press Higher, Use Offside Trap, Fast Tempo
Apoiar = Support; Defender = Defend; Atacar = Attack
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