Jul 26, 2010
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i nevre seem to get anyone up to scratch through my youth recruitment i am southampton in the premier league. is it because of my scouts not being good enough or youth facilities or is it to do with my reputation???? help please
I have had similar. I have the best facilities, recruitment network and training ground and strugle to produce a good league 1 player.
What are your youth coaches like? If they're killer they'll train your guys to be very good. Or did you mean the actual intake that you get every season isn't good enough?
i just got promoted with Southampton to championship u have any tips for players ?
to me its the intake,. I can make significant improvements to the limited players but htat still doesent equal a good player
At Seoul, none of the players we've got on the intake have been any good at all. I had to sign around 5 young players, just so I had something for the future. Most of our squad is young already, between 20 and 25, but I wanted a couple to send down to Dongbuk High School, so we got a young but amazing argentinian, Storm Roux (got too old and went up to the reserves), Jan Chun (same with him), Yann Dsako (I think that was his name...) and one other player...

Anyway, back on topic, You will get some eventually. At Villa in FM 2010, our first intake was complete and utter ****, no good prospects at all in the bunch. And yet, Wolves, who had nearly gotten relegated, had an amazing group of regens. The second and third year though we developed our own great players, so it worked out all right.
I think a part of it may also be based on where you are because I've had situations where two teams of equalish reputation, youth recruitment etc. have had vastly different intakes consistently, city population could ahve an impact. Also the reputation of your team may count
I think reputation counts more than youth facilities as I tested perfect facilities and network in lower leagues for 5 years and not 1 decent player. This team was based in London so population doesent appear to help too much. Playing with a team with 20 youth facilities and recruitment in lower leagues resulted in 8 average players a year at best will develop into good league 1. The improved network means that these players were based from various different countrises but that didnt improve their ability!
i guest british regens are just ****.

Not true! Man City on my save had a player touted as the "next David Dunn" >,> Though I guess that says it all, really. It's true, FM thinks English regens are cack.

I started a LLM game in Spain and have managed to get half-decent regens every season somehow, despite having average facilities and youth recruitment network. They've never made my first-team but they've been good enough to get me £1m each once they get promoted and are usually signed by teams in the lower levels of whatever league I've been in (now La Liga). I've finally produced a 17 year-old touted as the "next Raul" so I'm dead excited about that, even though his stats at the moment seem pretty poor.

I read somewhere on the forum that youth coaches play some part in how good the players you get are - I also think their nationalities affect the nationalities of the regens. I won't swear on that but it might explain why Man United get foreign regens and I always just have Spanish players.

Just upgrade the youth facilities, get an academy and upgrade the youth recruitment network (not sure how this is done! It just appeared in my board requests one day, it could have been there for AGES without me knowing but definitely wasn't there up until my third season!) and then cross your fingers, hoping for the best. I'm in 2017/18 season and there is a massive shortage of decent English regens - maybe two or three decent ones compared the masses of Argentine and French regens (about £15m for one French 16 year-old!!!!)

Maybe if you're really desperate save the day before you're due to get a new intake and if you get rubbish reload and try again? I'm not sure if that actually works but it might be worth a go.
As Miller said, improving youth facilities and your scouting knowledge is the way to go. Improving the youth recruitment network can be done when your club improves its reputation, I'm pretty sure. You will be able to ask your board to upgrade the recruitment network..

If you want regens from other countries, try signing coaches and scouts from the countries you would like a regen from. For example, in the recent two years on my Hercules save I've gotten an argentinian striker regen from my academy and a half-brazilian keeper due to the fact that I've got an abundance of staff from those two countries and an extensive scouting knowledge of south america.

If you can't upgrade your youth facilities and/or network and still getting rubbish players, theres not really much to do but wait or poach other club's talents.. Can't be lucky every year!
In my game, the game's top striker is a british regen atm. Arsenal's striker, what a beast.
You need to improve your youth system, training system, strengthen the affiliation links between your club and others and also the training facilities.

Then, within a few years, you should see improvements.

i guest british regens are just ****.

No, false.
i just got promoted with Southampton to championship u have any tips for players ?

i got charlie adam on a free as his contract finishes after first season cudicini and nordtveit all quality for 2nd season