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In debt and querying..


Jan 25, 2010
I'm in debt of £-728k (now entering season 4 with Stockport, in the Blue Square Premier).

We went down in the first season. Came back up and were making a profit. I then sell some players and I have to pay the loyalty bonus for players who I sell :'(. I sold players so we're down to the minimum yet in the second half of the season started losing money again and we are now in an insecure financial position and any other players I sell I suspect will ask for their loyalty bonus money.

I'm not asking for any help/link to debt helping thread, but I'm just wondering how much into debt you have to be before you hit administration. In real life if your in the Blue Square Premier and you hit administration before the season starts you get demoted out of all the Blue Square leagues meaning I would then get the sack. If this doesn't happen it will be a 10 point deduction at.

Anyone know how much you need to be in debt before slipping into admin? I'm starting to panic a bit over it.