Jan 27, 2013
Reaction score
I always see Barcelona and other big teams take polls asking "Should _____ be in the first team?"
and then later it's like "Yes: 0% No: 96% Undecided: 4%"
Is there a way that I can do this? or is it only AI that can ?
It can happen to your team but you cannot choose when
It usually happens if you don't play an attention-hungry player, and he complains to the media about it. I've only ever had it once with Carlisle, when one of the highest valued players wasn't being picked because of rubbish form and he moaned. 99% said he shouldn't play and only 1% undecided.
Ah man, it'd be cool if you could choose when it happens. I can't decide if I should continue to give a regen more chances after not proving himself since arriving. Also it'd help in other situations too, such as asking if a youth player should be given a chance in the first team or not if he is performing well with the Youth squad.