Dec 19, 2011
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Ive just got Les Sbragia through my youth intake and Ricky Sbragia (Who apart of my backroom staff) as his favored personal , Anyone else had this?
Yeah, I've only really heard of you're created manager's son coming through. But i guess it would make sense that your coaches can have sons come through as well!
Yeah I'm pretty sure that your son comes through only at your club. But i think you need to have unlocked the 'Stay at a club for 10 years' achievement. Don't quote me on that though xD not 100% about the achievement. But yes, pretty sure they only come through your club!
Well players have a category next to their favoured personnel this year don't they, so we'll know for sure!
I remember there was some talk last year as to whether it would just have been a coincidence, with a player's surname just having been added to the database of names, but if there's a father-son relationship shown that would be really cool :) And that it can happen for coaches is really good too!
as far as i am aware to unlock your son you need a player at your club to retire having been at the club for 10 seasons, i may be wrong. and i have heard that it can only been done in FMC mode
Yep this happens in both FMC and Full... I've been in the club for over 10 years, and the last intake had my son, Nathan Winter... I've also noticed that staff can also have sons in which I discovered with my Dutch coach Winston Bogarde who's been in the club when I joined with his son named Tim Bogarde.

Both listed as fave personnel.