Jan 14, 2011
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Hi! I've registered because I love reading histories and decided to write mine. I like to manage lower division clubs because of the spirit of fierce competition but also true sportmanship that reigns here.


Hospitalet is a Spanish Second Division B team. In 1999 the promotion to Spanish Second Division A was very close, but Getafe got in the way at the playoffs.
Neighboors Barcelona are our partners, and we have decent training and youth facilities.
Roberto Navarro is a legend, was the captain for 10 years, in 2006 he retired.
GK icon Eduardo, who took a decisive role getting promotion from Third Division in 2005, is currently playing at Lleida.

  • Transfer Out

    Eusebio Corpa, 54 years old assistant manager. Expensive mutual termination.
    Javier Perez, 41 years old fitness coach. Mutual termination.


  • Transfer In

    Eduardo, 33 years old GK. The icon returns to his favourite team. €14k.

    Olles, 34 years old ST. Free. Comes back to the club where he scored 35 goals in 3 seasons (historical record). Fans particulary pleased.

    Francisco Javier Luke, 42 years old assistant manager. Free.
    Juan Jose Lasuen, 42 years old goalkeeper coach. From Baskonia, €12k.
    Luis San Martin, 62 years old fitness coach. From Real Madrid C, €30k.
    Raul Garcia, 33 years old coach. Free.
    Fernandez Flores, 33 years old coach. Free.



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Undoubtely the team's best player and the only one with National reputation. A product of the Barcelona youth structure (2000-2006), even had a first-team debut with Rijkaard. A set pieces expert kicker. He is 25 years old and has no preferred moves but, as his right foot is weak, now is training around avoiding it. Technical and professional player, doesn't have any weakness for the roles he can take. His versatility calls fluid system. Formely AMC, he accomplishes MC, AML and ML where he is going to play for a while.


Media predicts a 16th place, so the main expectation of the team is stay clear from relegation. Particular concern of mine is promote domestic football and players.

Currently, the club has:

- €0 transfer budget.
- Negative balance: -€35k
- Oldest squad of the category
- Poor flair, height and dribbling
- Ambitious squad personality. Nice in the pitch, challenging in wages negotation
- €10k of €17k wages budget
- Good passing and fitness. Pitch is altered to maximum size
- High standard facilities.


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This is the current first-team players and the generic formation we are going to prepare this preseason. I prefer a classic 4-4-1-1 but we have many strikers in the squad right now to break harmony.

Philosophy: Fluid
Starting Strategy: Standard
Passing Style: Short
Creative Freedom: More Expressive
Primary playmaker: Santi Asensio (MCL)
Primary target man: Jordi Martines (STCL)
Target Man Supply: To Head

The Secret

So everything is ready to begin. Barcelona, the best current team on the world and probably of the history, will share players with us. Barcelona style is the mirror we must see ourselves in. Everythings gonna be all rite. However, there is something hidden in the deep of my heart, something which, if revelated, could deteriorate relations with the staff, the boards, the players and the universe...


Now some questions,
  • has consequence in the tactic familiarity if i change a 4-4-1AMC-1 suddenly to 4-4-1AMR-1?
  • any drawback to give professional contract to a youth too soon?
  • its good idea to edit wage/transfer budget to get some financial interest or something? how to proceed? my economy is very bad and I don't want the club to be taken over...

Thank you!