Sep 2, 2012
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Is there a way to do so?
I have just started my fifth season with Atletico Madrid. I've won the EURO Cup, LIGA BBVA 4 times, Champions League twice, Spanish Cup, Club World Cup... nearly everything really.
I have been taken over once, but only by a local business man, who hasn't really made a difference. So I'm just wondering if I could boost my chances of a better takeover, or is it unlikely as I already have been?
Suppose the only the way you could do it is by putting the club in serious debt not an ideal solution but an option
Think it's pretty random, or some clubs are more likely to get taken over, and others never do. Getting the club into huge debt will not achieve anything.
I've had around 30 attempted takeovers and all have pulled out. The club has been skint and in profit at various times so I don't know what will enable it to happen.
The only way really of guaranteeing a takeover is by taking on a club that's Chair is willing to listen to offers. You could probably get one as the save goes on?