Individual Player Instructions - Is it worth it??


Jul 13, 2014
The last few weeks now I have just used the Individual Player Instructions by going to "Tactics" on the menu and then clicking on "Player" and then "Show Attribute". I have just set the instructions such as "closing down" and "Passing Style" etc, to just to the setting as it is seen if you don't tick the box.

To illustrate what I mean I have sent a screen shot of the "General" attributes for a player in my team. As you can see the mentality is defensive, theirs little creative freedom, and the Roam From Position is set to "No".

I have been setting the instructions to just how it is seen faded with the box un-ticked. Every time now I have lost the game despite playing well. My position in the league (I am in the relegation zone) and the moral of the team is really suffering badly because I am adjusting just the player instructions.

Seems like it is a bad idea all things considered to tinker with the player instructions.

Can anyone help me??