Individual Player Instructions: Roles versus Instructions.


Aug 27, 2017

I have question for which i can not find the answer on forums, guides and other FM'16 Literature. When it comes to Individual Players Instructons (Tactics) you have the different options (Roam from Position, Move into Channels, Shoot Less Often, etc. ). These options get greyed out, green, red, etc when you choose a specific role. At some roles you have less options avaible (more are greyed out) then with other roles. A good example of that kind of roe (in the CM spot) is the Advanced Playmaker (Support) where a couple options are 'fixed' where the Box-to-Box-midfielder has only one option 'fixed' (Roam from Position). On the other side of this spectrum you have 'Central Midfielder' which gives you all the options.

My question is the next: "Are these individual instructions the base of the roles? Example: If I give a player with the role of 'Central Midfielder' the same individual instructions as an Advanced Playmaker will that player act the same as an Advanced Playmaker or will there be a difference? Is the choice of role more important then the individual instructions (like the player acts based on the role, where the individual combinations are for finetuning the role)? Or are the roles just a 'shortcut' or 'example' to certain combinations of individual instructions (the player acts on the individual instructions ?

I hope my question is clear. Thanks in advance,

With kind regards,