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Jul 12, 2006
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Hello…I’m newbie here…I’m david from indonesia….u know BALI right?....:rolleyes:
I’m FM big fans….since 97….
and my first comment here: I hate member FM base “carlitos tevez”!!!:mad:
Hello David, welcome to the forums. I don't think you're alone in your hatred of Carlitos Tevez either. :haha:
Yea he is giving his nation a bad name tbh, Welcome to the site anyway and stick around.
Welcome to the forum mate. :)

Hope u stick around & post.
humm.. I'm Indonesian too...

but I'm from trenggalek... no one knows.. hahaha...

I love this game since last year,,, hope my skill improve faster since opened this site... :) ... :p

Whats Carlitos had done? so u hate him?
yeah . I'm indonesia too .

i'm from jogja, it'z nice here, ahha .

it'z nice too if indonesian peoples liked play fm .
welcome all, hope you like the site, the best FM site on the web!(A)
i'm from west borneo indonesia, nice to being here.......
indonesia juga nih gw hahahha selamat bergabung. gw di tangerang selatan
i know trenggalek, east java rite?

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all bro from indonesia..

ada yg punya link tentang wonderkid from asia or indonesia?, terus ada yang punya seragam liga djarum indonesia skalian muka2 pemainnya..
Hello bro!
I'm Indonesian too...
I'm from Sekayu, Musi Banyuasin, South Sumatra.
Wong Kito Galo!

@widyastyas : i've checked Indonesian youngsters, and no one has -9 PA.
Only several of them has -8 and -7 PA...
Thanks Mate, 4 ur answer..
btw kits liga djarum ada yg punya ga???