Injuries and mistake frequency

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Dec 5, 2022
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The two things ruining this game for me are injury frequency and ridiculous mistakes rime and time again.

Injuries are all together to frequent, especially in training. I don't have intense training and most players don't even have individual training and I get an injury or two every week. I've been unable to pick the same XI two games in a row.

The other thing is mistakes. Mainly keepers unable to save any long shot, no matter where the shot is placed. The other thing is defenders dallying on the ball for no reason whatsoever. It always leads to a goal. Whilst the goals I score have to be well crafted, whenever I concede a defender will mess up or the keeper Will get nowhere near a long shot. These are premier league players and these mistakes are altogether unreal.

I would also say the performances from my Inside forwards or Invertwd wingers are really bad. They get in good spots but make terrible decisions, can't shoot for love nor money and generally wasteful.
The mistake i see the most is why a defender will inexplicably NOT close someone down from an angle, and then the opposition player just drills it into the back of the net.

Im seeing some wildly high scoring games, far moreso than normal. Im talking 5-2s, 4-3s regularly. That just doesnt happen regularly in football.

I feel the game this year is a slight improvement, but its still got plenty of faults sadly.