Nov 5, 2009
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This is a recurring theme in each and every game I play on FM11. It has to do with the inordinate number of injuries my team gets ONCE THE SEASON STARTS. It's all fine during pre season, but within a month of the season starting I get inundated with injuries - and ususually to key players.
Currently I'm managing Celtic in the SPL, Liverpool in the EPL and Burnley in the nPower Championship. Here is the current list of injuries for each;
Celtic - Joe Ledley 2 to 5wks, McCourt 3 to 4mths, Husseklep 3 to 4wks
Liverpool - Carragher 4 to 6wks, Aurellio 11days to 2wks, Jovanovic 7wks to 2mths and Torres 2 to 5wks
Burnley - Fox 2wks, McCann 7wks to 3mths, Rodriguez 4 to 6wks
I know its not the training regimeas the injuries always happen during a match and at the start of the match I always ensure that every player has 95% fitness or greater.
Has anyone got any ideas as to how these injuries can be prevented or is it, as I suspect, an inherent bug in the programme.
Your feedback will be most welcomed.
That really isn't that many injuries and seems pretty realistic to me. This is not a bug. I haven't really had a problem with lots of injures TBH. At most I have had 2 at once.
The injuries are realistic to me. look how often on sky sports news you see players doubtful for matches.