Nov 3, 2012
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Basically I've started a new save with Burnley. I'm in November and doing well. 3rd in the league and hopefully I can push on. However, SI seems to think it's funny to have some ridiculous glitch in the game where you get 2-3 players injured almost EVERY game! I have 9 of my first team players all out with long term injuries! I can only put out 4 substitutes! This has ruined my game completely! Anyone else having this problem?
What's your pitch condition, player condition, match fitness and physio team like? Also, how does your team play in terms of pressing and tempo?
Pitch condition: Very good
Physio: 19
I use the 'KISS 442' tactic.
Same problem here m8. Been posting the SI forums 2 weeks pointing this problem....
I come across it a few times every single of my saves, The game thinks it's funny to put you in the situation where you have to loan players sometimes even buy cause a ridiculous amount of your first team players are out with long term injuries. It's annoying as ****.
Pitch condition: Very good
Physio: 19
I use the 'KISS 442' tactic.
I'm not familiar with that tactic. Also, physio quality also depends on man management (especially if head one), determination, working with youngsters (if you have a squad with a few U18s), number of physios and possible physio personality. Also, if they speak the language and if not adaptability.

Also, how hard do you tackle and how good are your players at it, combined with decisions.