Jan 10, 2006
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i dont think i have ever noticed this in the earlier football managers, but do players get more colds in the winter now, cos its really annoying me a i have got 5 players out with colds.
LOL! thats nothing i had to get players out of reserves and some of the older under 18's. Most of my players were out injured, about 10 i think, but only about 3 had colds. TERRY is out for 5 to 7 months. Gutted.
Hellllllllllllllllllllp!!! I'm in a goalkeeper crisis with arsenal! Lehmann is out for 2 months (specialist) with a hip injury, Almunia is out with a Dislocated shoulder and finally Poom is out with Shin splints! what shoud i do?
U18's GK...or reserve...guy called Vito M.
very :S! They've given me one now called Chris Marwood! He is rubbish!

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I have to use THIS as my 1st team keeper?! Its bad enough Henrys injured! I'm playing Van Persie and Julio Baptista up front ;)
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Have a look at this!
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every injured player is in my first team plans! except maybe nedved! This is really annoying me because the season is coming to an end but i need to move up at least 1 place but i cant with the squad i have got at the moment!
Do you have a specific training schedule? can often cause mass injuries.
no i don't! its a normal training schedule! its really annoying because i know i could come 2nd with my first team but now im 5th!