Dec 26, 2010
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Ok, i just had to post this. Im playing first season with ManCity. Played 13 league games, and im 3rd in the table. And 6 europe league games. Im growing really frustrated with injuries, especially with those that comes in the match.

Here are those who have gotten an injury and i had to substitute them: Balotelli, Adam johnson, Yaya Toure, Vincent kompany, Barry, Bale, Milner, Silva... milner and bale both broke their leg.

All others got litle smaller injuries with about 3-8 weeks. In training i haven't gotten many injuries, and if i have, they have been only small injuries. Reason i made this post is i really got frustrated when i lost to West Ham 3-2 and in the game they injured 3 players. Balotelli, Barry, Yaya.

Is there a way to stop this? My squad isn't that big cuz i sold players like: Lescott, ade, bridge,swp,etuhu, santa, jo. And bought just a few.

I got serious injury problems and i would like to know have you other guys who play the game had it like this on fm2011? Thanks.
lower ur workload :D

Or if he isn't getting injuries in training then I think he should raise it, especially the strength training bit as fit and strong players are least likely to get injured and players who don't train much get injured a lot easier and also won't last an entire match.
lower ur workload :D

Training workload? Does that help if i get the injuries in the match? Or you mean something else? I really suspect my opposites just tackle my players hard because they are good. But idk...
if ur training workload is too high, ur players will be tired when they play