Dec 20, 2010
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Transfer window about to open. I play using 2 inside forwards

Bale - Beast.

Lennon - He's good enough but out for 3-4 months.

Dos Sanot - Great Backup but out for 5 months.

I still have Krancjar but i dont feel hes good enough.

I need someone to buy for 15mil max.

Gervinho Rejected my offer and accepted chealses (scum)

Elia, well, hes wages put me off !
Mata? Pay using installments... Either him or Elia.
My scout says Valencia will be asking for something around 21.5mil (slightly too high, im always in red anyway)

and hes wages are 89k-120k.

God. ! money grabbing bastards.
Ballotelli no way, too high wages, plus for now he seems happy in City..

Checkin out Navas now.
Balloteli happy?
He always seems to want to leave the club for me :L, Navas would be quality
jesus navas
diego perotti
juan manuel mata
ashley young
santiago cazorla
joshb, thanks.

Perotti- too low stamina. Hes out.
Joaqing- abit old, but if the price is fair, im gonna have to buy him.
Cazorla, Chekin him now, looks good.

Ashley Young Isnt for sale, got my 20,mil offer rejected :/
i reccomended cazorla i like him haha always seems to do good in my saves never had him though but ive always got scout reports on him but he seems to have a bit of ballotelli in him (thinking he rules the roost and hes the best thing since sliced bread)