Dec 29, 2010
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Hi, I got FM11 this morning and i thought i would try it out, however when i put the disk in my driver the autoplay program does not load, i tried opening it through my computer but nothing appears please help!!!
sorry if a thread has already been created but i cant find it.:(
you have put the disc the right way up in your drive? lol only joking
seriously though does other discs work normaly when you try and load something diffrent?
you could try giving it a quick wipe with a soft cloth,maybe try loading it on another pc ie:friends or something just to see if the disc is working ok,if it does then see if you can get hold of an external drive to load the game.
if your pc is oldish then maybe the lens is dusty etc
restart pc and try again, and do the stuff dazzy said, trying in a freinds pc is essential aswell if you cant get it working on yours, then you know if its the disc or your computer. does your cd drive make noise with the cd in, does the light come on on it?
You may have autorun disabled, have you checked in My Computer whether your PC has recognised the disk? If all else fails, you should be able to activate your key via Steam and download the game. That or you could just return it and get another copy.