Instant Success - An FM TOUCHing story

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Jul 28, 2014
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So I am embarking on a new challenge. One that has been on my mind for quite some time and even though I have done it occasionally, this will be the first time I will be doing it exclusively. Yes we are talking about the 'Instant Result' button.

I will be starting out as an unemployed Sunday league manager, working from the bottom, trying to get to the top by instant resulting every game!!!!

For this I have loaded up every league in England; France; Germany; Italy and Spain. I have no plans, other than to take whatever job I am offered first and eventually win a top league and champions league. This could be a journeyman or a one club thing. I don't know, lets see where it takes us!!

Ill update three times a season; before first match, end of December and then after last match. Depends on time will see how often I will update, could be a few times a week, could be once. But I will see this through (until fm18 touch comes out that is!!)

Anyway, i'll be back for the first update........
Predicably, this is the only offer I received. The Journey starts here.....

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Thanks Gary for your support......

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Board expectations...

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Apparently I should be looking at relegation, rather than promotion. Lets hope the opposite comes true....

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And my Goalkeeper will be the hero.....

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I've decided on how I want to play. I will have two formations, one that I will start with at home games and one I will start with at away games.

Home game formation is a 4-2-3-1. 2 DMs, AM.

Away formation is a 4-1-2-2-1. The old 433 with DM, two wingers.

Both will be attacking and roles will suit players. I've bought in enough players to field at least two teams as I want to field players in as perfect shape as possible. I think for this level should be all good. Will see how it goes.

I will be back for the mid season update..........

ps. if anyone knows how to make pictures a bit bigger, please let me know!!
season 1 mid season update

So 21 games played in the league. Received my first award....

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Have had some good results, some bad results. We did make the FA Cup 1st round and took Northampton (league 1) to a replay. That was awesome. We got on TV and made a bit of money!!!!

Here is the league table.....

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4th position so far is really fantastic, very happy with that. Only four points behind the leaders. We have no cup competitions to worry about now, so I really want to challenge for top spot.

So far Home with the 4-2-3-1 formation we have Won 6 drawn 2 lost 3.

Away with the 4-1-2-2-1 formation we have won 4 drew 3 lost 3.

They seem to be working at the moment. I wasn't sure about the away formation, but we've beaten the top two teams with it. Both formations, mixture of good and bad results. I think my players need upgrading as well. I've only brought in wingers and DMs/AMs. All CBs, CMs and STs were already here. I will keep formations I am using and lets see if can challenge.......
Season 1 End of season update

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Linked with another club already is very good. Going from Vanarama south to north not much of a step up!!!

View attachment 86003We win, but mathematically out of automatic promotion. Battle for playoffs is underway!!

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View attachment 86001Down to the final game of the season. We have been pretty poor lately, combination of injuries and some players being poached!! We have Dartford away, all we need to do is not lose and we are in the playoffs

Can we do it.........

View attachment 86000Nope :'(

Lets rebuild for next year then......
i was hoping you could do it....maybe next season
i was hoping you could do it....maybe next season

That's the aim. Too many injuries and players getting poached in the second half of the season. Hard to sign players due to not enough wage funds and players on non-contracts get looked at when you are doing well.

But wage budget got increased and signed a few players, will see.

Season 2 Beginning of season update

Wage budget increased, managed to sign new centrebacks and centremids. A lot of my non-contract players are getting offers, which is frustrating.

lets see some pre season predicitions.....

Good prediction for us. I want to challenge so 4th will be absolute minimum

Our top scorer from last year 3rd favourite. I think he got 25 goals last year, so looking for the same

Our goalkeeper one of the favourites again for top player. He did ok last year, over rating was 6.98 I think. Will want him to improve this year.

I looked at a 4-4-1-1 during preseason, thinking about mixing tactics up. I didn't like it that much. Decided to stick with formations used last year.

Starting home formation

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starting away formation

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lets get on with it and i'll be back for the mid season update....
Season 2 Mid season update

Straight into the league table then....We've played an extra game then everyone else, but we have 1 more point then we did at this point last year. lets hope we don't have a collapse like we did, looks tougher this year!!

Issue has been away form. Won 1 and lost 3 to start off with, so I changed away formation to a 4-3-1-2 and that's done better.

Home has been good, Won 7 drawn 2 lost 2, especially this result...

Others think I'm a tactical genius...
And our forward picks up an award, scoring for fun...

Lost in the 3rd qualifying round of FA Cup, but into first round of FA Trophy.
This was a surprise, they are in the Vanarama National, professional, very appealing. League table....

Bottom of the league but only three points from safety!!

Do I stick with Margate and try and get them promoted or do I step up a level and try and save Chester from relegation????

Yeah I took the job. I was really drawn to the club. Professional, better facilities. I thought about staying with Margate, prove myself and get them promoted. But if you get Headhunted, difficult to turn down!!

Right, lets see if we can save them from relegation!!!
Season 2 End of season update

Chester won just two games when I arrived and I quickly figured out why. They couldn't score. We dominated games, but could not score at all. So January, got forwards on loan and one guy was rather good.

Back to back player of the months, seven goals in seven games. Got us off bottom. We were in a big fight, then....

We managed to avoid relegation, ended up four points clear in the end as you can see from the league table...

Also, had a look to see how Margate got on, and .......

They have been promoted and will be joining us in the Vanarama National next year!!! Thanks to my squad :p :D

Looking forward to that!
Sorry about the delay, life got in the way, but back to playing......

Season 3 Mid season update.

Expected to be mid table. I'm looking to push as high as possible, though I released 11 players and brought in 9 beginning of the season. See what happens.

First of the season. Only second one of my career so far, looking to get more. Lets see the results so far this season.........

A mixed bag of results, though we did go on 11 game unbeaten run. Lost in the FA cup 1st round, though Fleetwood are a League 1 side. That last game, stat wise, we won easily, though obviously couldn't score. I'm happier now that after the first month.

We are certainly within touching distance of the playoffs. Would like another unbeaten run. Can we do it??????

End of December, I received a job offer from Woking. I lost the screenshot. They are in the same division, but battling relegation, so I quickly declined that!

A nice player and Manager of the month double for January!

First cup final, excited about that. Lets win promotion and the Cup this year!!!!!!

We had a nice unbeaten run, which I was looking for, but those defeats are hurting us. That 6-1 defeat, I have no idea. We had more possession, a lot more shots on target, won every stat. I'm thinking its more the players than my tactics at this stage. Lets see where we ended up...........................

Disappointing. We were in the mix and those defeats just lost it for us. We still have the cup final!!!

That hurts. We dominated again but couldn't get the job done. First full season in charge at Chester and really I've exceeded expectations, but, I am still disappointed we couldn't get the job done in the league and cup. Time to analyse what went wrong and prepare for next season. I really want to challenge for automatic promotion.

Previous club watch

Came 23rd in Vanarama National. Relegated straight back down.