Inter Football League - Totally custom European league


Jun 21, 2014
Hello there,
I'm planning to create a database with a league featuring 52 custom teams. I don't think that has been done into a database so far. I have this idea for some time now, and after a few tests in my backyard, I think it's time to share it with public opinion.

Because I realised that there are no competitions or teams based in Liechtenstein in original database, it's where I'm going to place it, renaming Liechtenstein to Inter Football. I think there aren't be going to be any promotions or relegations, just one big league split into groups or sub-divisions. (I haven't decided yet, both solutions have their pros and cons.)

Currently, I have fifty two teams in mind, split into 4 groups of 13. I'm gonna include both western nations with established reputation and little nations, mostly from Eastern Europe. I have also included one team form USA and one from Africa.
They are going to be divided into four geographical groups, which will play their own cups. Here's the list of the cities. Where there's a country instead of a city, I haven't decided which city to pick:

North WestNorth EastSouth WestSouth East
London IStarsBerlinBearsParis I(Seine)PragueKnights
London IIRoyalsMunich(Tigers)Paris IILiliesKyivCossacks
New YorkLibertyLuxembourgDukesCasablancaDesert FoxesIstanbulEagles

Names in brackets are the ones I've been using so far, but can change quite easily. Free slots for additional teams, if I decide so.

So, I'm going to divide my work into a number of phases,
  1. Creating teams and completing basic info about them, at least continental reputation for each and every of them.
  2. Changing nation rules in Liechtenstein/Inter Football. Creating league with sixteen team playoffs, four cups and a super cup, I think, divisions for reserves and youth teams, that should be enough.
  3. Stadiums and finances. I want teams to be rich, as there will be some major stars in the competition, but also balanced at the same time. This will include cash bonuses for teams lower in the table, what else can I do?
  4. Kits and colours - obviously, that's going to take some work, and I'm only doing basic kits - maybe if there is some more photoshopilly inclined person, who likes the idea... But after the database is put to work, obviously.
  5. Squads... And that's perhaps the most tedious work ahead of me. I've made some earlier versions of this DB, and to be honest, I never had enough time/patience to finish all the squads. They are going to be some stronger teams, obviously...
  6. Awards, referees, other minor tweaks, also rivalries between my clubs.
If this league works properly, I'm surely going to rebuild the database in new FM and see what possibilities it gives to editors.
Also, the final request to those more experienced in editing FM, as I'm sure I'm going to have some technical problems working on this league, please offer solution to my trivial problems. :)