Inter Milan Feeder Club to Increase Popularity


Aug 11, 2009
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I asked my board to find a feeder club to increase our popularity and they came back with American teams (Seattle Sounders, Chicago FIre, Philadelphia Union) and Japanese teams (FC Hiroshima, Higashioka Rosa). I'm tempted by selecting an American club because I assume that's a bigger market but since I have Yuto Nagatomo and he's an important first team player, I'm thinking that choosing a Japanese team would pay more dividends?

Any input is appreciated!
From what I understand, it doesn't matter where your players are from.

The only time you see a boost in shirt sales from a foreign feeder is when you sign a worldwide rep player.

otherwise you only see a small bump. You'd probably be best off picking the team with the highest reputation.
I think you'd be better off choosing a team in Japan and a team in the US next time. There's a bigger increase in money if you have a player from that country.
There also a lot of good Japanese players like Honda, Kagawa, Uchida, Usami,... who you could sign to boost your merchandise income