Jan 10, 2011
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Hey guys, I'm starting a new YouTube Series for an FM13 career that I'd like as many people as possible to be involved in. I'm setting it up similar to the Pentagon challenge but leaving it up to the viewers on how I should proceed. Please check out the first episode and leave a comment telling me which of the teams you would like to see me manage.

I've been away from FM and FM-Base for a while because my computer sadly got sick and I lost my San Marino save that I was doing a story on here. I was frustrated enough to not reinstall the game until now but I'm really looking forward to this new series. Sorry to those that were following my story and feel free to play along with me here.

Football Manager 2013 Part 1: American Drifter Intro - YouTube
To get this off to a quicker start (I'm itching to play), I'll ask here which team people would rather see me take over. There's three that have offered me a job:

Witbank Spurs- RSA 2nd Tier
Torhout- Belgian 3rd tier
Defensa y Justicia- Argentinian 2nd tier

Defensa has the most funds and in my opinion the most potential of the three so I'm leaning towards them.

Another option would be to scrap the save all together and start a new San Marino challenge and try to recreate the success I had there. This time I wouldn't start off as the manager of the national team. Doing this would be less interactive, but I feel like it's a challenge I can complete and would therefore be more interesting. If I don't get more than one or two comments in a different direction this is what I'll go with.

Edit: And yet another option would be to manage AFC Wimbledon. They're a club that I've been following since I got into FM and football in general so I would have some more emotion behind trying to get them up the ladder. The only problem I have with this is that living in the US, I'm not as knowledgeable of the players and clubs in England as most of you probably are. If I went with them I would most likely do it in classic mode as well.
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I think San Marino if you would consider eventually managing the national team if not go for Torhout because Belgian waffles are very tasty :D