Mar 18, 2012
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My first team players who are regular for me, on form and are one of the better players for their national side have not been call out and "left out in cold" now I'm talking about at least 5 players who thought should have deffo been in the team, coincidence or bug?
Is it possible that the International teams have better players for the position? Sounds obvious but I was in a similar position where my some of my players weren't getting called up, looked at the country's squad and they had players on better form in the squad!
I have noticed this problem since day 1. On one save I have Wellington Nem who hasn't been called up in around 3 years ago yet he is 1 of Brazil's best players. I have a left back (see screenshot) who is the best left back by a mile for Argentina yet has not been called up in over 2 years.

Argentine regen:

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This is just 1 example of many I have experienced.