Dec 27, 2010
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Hey guys,

Look i've got an issue with the international side of management atm......

I've started a international style journeyman save starting with the Brazillian U20s, alls gone well with a win in the south american U20 champs and the French Invitational U20s.

But during the French invitationals, the Brazilian Main coach was sacked during the confederations cup after the semis. I then noticed that through some sort of bug i guess i had been promoted to main coach, managing both the U20s and main squad at the same time on 2 different sides of the planet....(though when i clicked "attend press conference", it would just skip it and a press item would come up that i had "stormed out")

I played the 3rd place playoff for the main squad, we won, they went on a break, then i came back and finished off with the U20s.

I was hoping that maybe i was an interim coach, but now whilst with the U20s in the world cup, i've been asked to pick brazils squad for a friendly????

Does anyone know whats going on????

little more info-

- I havn't been offered the job, Brazils Main squad does not list any manager.

- my team screen is just the U20s, not like when managing both club and country

- I can't resign from just one

- No changes to any database, or use of anything else has happened.

Though it is nice to be coaching them so early, its not my plan this early, and become a bit of a burden now as i'm in the knockout stages of the U20 world cup playing japan in the last 16, but on the same day playing sweden in a friendly...

Any help would be greatly appreciated..