International Manager Journeyman 100 Trophies Challenge Story


May 30, 2011
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International Manager Journeyman Story

Thats a big Title! Basically i quite enjoy doing international management as you dont have to pay as much attention to the computer as you play along as a lot of it is waiting for the next game.
I have to paint my daughter's bedroom so this is a good excuse to have a go at International management as i shall furiously paint while holidaying inbetween fixtures.
I dont want to stay with the same team either as i like to mix things up so will be trying to change teams at least every other major tournament so around 4 years.
I will try to bring youth through wherever i am and will start as New Zealand and hope to work my way up to big and better things!

Good luck mate and hope you don't paint your computer by accident or out of rage. Lol. :D
Is your city building for the future story stopped for now? Good luck with this oone!
New Zealand 2012

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New Zealand Appoint New Manager

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Key Players

Winston Reid

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Craig Henderson

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Chris Wood

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New Zealand Info 95th In Rankings

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World Cup Qualifying Group

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I think their are two parts to qualifying, each group winner and runner up will face off in a bigger qualfying group.

Shock at Call Up

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I cant for the life of me understand how Storm Roux being called up is a shock and he is too poor as he is one of the star players on the ****** info screen!!!

Winston Reid New Captain

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Phillipines 3 - 3 New Zealand

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We were very lucky to even get a draw in this friendly as they came out firing with 2 early goals and we didnt know what hit us but a tweak to the tactics and a few subs get us the goals back.

Vanuata 1 - 2 New Zealand

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Our main man gets us out of hot water by scoring with only a few minutes to go and securing our first win in the world cup qualifiers hopefully the other mathes will be a bit more impressive.

New Zealand 5 - 2 Fiji

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An easy win with Chris Wood grabbing a brace and his strike partner has been looking equally impressive with 3 goals in 3 games for Chris Killen.

Is your city building for the future story stopped for now? Good luck with this oone!

No i will be continuing that one when i am sat down watching the football tonight this is just for when im painting my house!
New Zealand 2012

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A lot of injuries to the squad and the already small National Pool was looking even weaker!

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New Zealand 6 - 0 Soloman Islands
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Well 6 injuries didnt effect our side as we destroy a poor side and Woods grabs a hat trick with him having 6 goals this campaign already, i found Rory Fallon who used to play for Plymouth Argyle when i was searching for players and he comes in and scores in his first game back!

Qualify For World Cup Playoffs

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New Zealand 1 - 0 Vanauta

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This was a very frustrating match with us only scoring one goal despite having 29 shots and most of the posession are rather unlikely off day for Woods who was missing strike partner Killen.

World Cup Qualifying

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4 games, 4 wins i expect us to win the other 2 only concern is the 3 conceded goals against poor sides.

Ranking 88th

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So we do well to move up 7 places but still being ranked behind the likes of Uganda and Georgia is embarrasing!
New Zealand

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2013 So Far

First Off A Shock Call Up

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Every squad selection there seems to be a shock call up despite there being such a small national pool and 5 injuries they cant believe it when somebody new gets called up!

New Zealand 1 - 0 Haiti
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A lucky win in this friendly as Hogg scores a wondergoal to win it for us.

Soloman Islands 1 - 6 New Zealand
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Another thrashing for a sorry side with Rory Fallon the main man for this match rather than Chris Wood who only scored a measly 1 goal!

New Consecutive Wins Record

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Fiji 0 - 1 New Zealand
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The lesser known of my strike quartet Shane Smeltz saves our blushes in this poor match.

World Cup Qualfiers

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That was the easy part done now we play in the World Cup Qualifying Playoffs in November.

Chris Wood Injuried 3 Months!

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Lets hope the star man is back to fitness and form before the start of the World Cup Playoffs!


China 3 - 1 New Zealand

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My first loss and the first time we really came up against a decent side as China are 25odd places above us in the rankings and it shows the mammoth task we really face in qualfying for the World Cup.

Singapore 1 - 2 New Zealand
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Whats killing us in these friendlies at the moment is so many players have friendly restrictions on them and 2 were withdrawn! Over half my squad has 45minutes only clauses!

Laos 1 - 4 New Zealand
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We score all the goals as Woods comes back from his injury to bag a brace we have one more friendly then it should be the World Cup Playoffs, we still dont even know who we will face yet!
Doing well with NZ so far mate! Very interesting idea!
Doing well with NZ so far mate! Very interesting idea!
Thanks man the playoff matches will be the biggest challenge so far, want to try and win the oceania cup before i move on unless anything else come up
What countries do you have loaded just for my curosity
What countries do you have loaded just for my curosity
One from each continent so hopefully that will mean i could get the chance to manage international anywhere think i have england, australia, mexico, brazil, China and South Africa top leagues loaded if i get a specific managers job i will try to then load that league up asap
New Zealand

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2nd Half Of 2013

Malaysia 0 - 1 New Zealand

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A poor friendly result to end the lead up to the World Cup Playoffs.

World Cup Playoffs

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Right well Qualfying for the World Cup has just become near on impossible! Jamaica are a whopping 31 places higher in the world rankings than us.

Jamaica 3 - 1 New Zealand
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A poor result as for at least a minute i thought we were going to destroy them but they quickly turned that around and destroyed us with the only thing stopping the onslaught was parking the bus.

Chris Wood ILL Before Most Important Match

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This is when you feel like punching the Computer! Already a long shot that we will even win the match let alone the tie but top goalscorer Chris Wood gets ill

New Zealand 3 - 3 Jamaica
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Chris Killen comes on to score an equalizer which at least leaves us with a respectable draw at home losing 6-4 on aggregate though.

New Zealand Wont Be At World Cup

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Best Eleven So Far

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Chris Wood has been the stand out player and it shows why we missed him in the Jamaica game 10 goals in 12 games is a brilliant record.
The fact that no one has played all 14 games for me shows how bad we have been hit with injuries and that depending on form so many places in the squad are up for grabs .

New Zealand Squad Values
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Thought this would give a good hint as to how we have some decent players and then some very poor players!
what's with jamaica lately noticed in other threads that jamaica is dominating! one guy said on his they reached final on World cup.
unlucky against jamaica....yeh they're really good on some of my saves....guess they have a good generation this year :)
To be fair my team are quite far behind them but they have a player called Demitreus Lin who was just ridiculous against us! He was amazing, i was thinking more along the lines of Ricardo Fuller standards but he was like ****** Falcao!
New Zealand

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I really struggled to make any friendlies in this year of no competition football as teams either didnt want to travel or if i went to them they simply said we were too rubish for them to gain anything from the match, so i had to settle for friendlies with whoever would accept.

New Zealand 1 - 0 El Salvador

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A lucky win as CM Robson grabs us a late goal to win this friendly with our strikers not on form today.

New Zealand 3 - 1 Vanauta

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Chris Wood back on form for us but with the chances we had we should have been putting six or seven goals past them and definetly not conceding!

A Shock Offer After World Cup

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Some people may remember my story where i had a very successful time at Dnipro in the Ukraine so i know the vast majority of the players so this was a no brainer, it is a journeyman story after all! Will have to come back to Oceania at some point and try and win the Oceania Cup but i cant hang around for 2 years for that.

Quit New Zealand Post

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Ukraine Appoint Tonkin As New Manager

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Ukraine Expectations

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They shouldnt be too hard to achieve as besides from the mighty Spain we dont have any other teams that should cause any problems

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End of 2014

Currently Ranked 24th in the World

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First Ukraine Squad Chosen

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Key Players

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I like to use wingers and its nice to see my best two players are my AMR and AML in Yarmelenko and Konoplyanka we have good depth throughout the side with decent GK's, Cb's and MC's probably missing a clinical striker.

Ruslan Rotan Merit Place

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Not really fussed what the media say he was an absolute legend for me in my Dnipro save and is hardly keeping out any better players.

First Game As Ukraine Manager

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Ukraine 2 - 0 Australia

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A good win to start my new job but we had so many chances we should have put six past them.

Ukraine 2 - 1 Latvia

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A lucky win in the end as we smash a couple of early goals in then cant seem to follow up and gave them a route back into the game which almost made us slip up.

World Cup Qualifier
Lichenstentein 1 - 4 Ukraine

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A good way to start of the new campaign with a comprehensive win against one of the groups whipping boys.

World Cup Qualifier
Ukraine 2 - 2 Georgia
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One of the most embarrassing moments in Ukrainian football history as we draw with a poor Georgia side and that was lucky with Yarmelenko scoring late on to save our blushes.

World Cup Qualifier
Israel 0 - 2 Ukraine

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A good win agaisnt a half decent Israel side who had drawn with Spain in their previous group match.

Group Standings So Far

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Means little at this early stage of the qualifying campaign.

Lithuania 0 - 2 Ukraine

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Good win in this friendly to end 2014 with many people thinking we are looking like a good side at the moment.

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once i get to june the ukrainian league will be loaded so my squad will be very different!
Nice results this mate.......
and a very nice idea on starting a Joureyman International Save............
Good Luck