Jul 19, 2011
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Hello everyone, if any of you are familiar with my other threads, I am starting a new one here for an International Management series with Wales to see how far I can progress with them until I finish playing with Football Manager 2013 and move to 2014. Throughout the series I am encouraging comments for all of you to decide which nation I manage in Football Manager 2014, whichever nation has the most votes will be who I manage.

However let's focus on Wales, it is my 2nd game in charge and my 1st competitive game against rivals Scotland in the 2014 World Cup Qualifiers. I hope you guys get the chance to check it out and I hope some of you can recommend tactics to get the best out of individual players such as Bale as well as advice on my approach to the series to make it as interesting as possible.

Thank you for your time as always :)
FM 2013: International Manager - Wales vs Scotland - YouTube
So Morison's goal gave Wales a weak 1-0 victory over Scotland but its only been a few days and now we are taking on one of the World's best - Croatia. I will be looking at what defensive options I have to make the team more solid and I am also looking into swapping Ramsey and Bale so Ramsey can work in the middle and Bale can offer some width in the counter attacks.
FM 2013: International Manager - Wales vs Croatia - YouTube
Victories over Scotland & Croatia have helped Wales raise 7 places to 34th in the World. Its been a month since the shock 1-0 win against Croatia and Wales have been called up again for World Cup Qualifiers against Serbia & Belgium. However, Bale suffered a knock with Spurs making it a race against time to see if he will be fit to participate.

We've made a couple of changes bringing back in Bellamy, Ledley, Ricketts, Collison & Parish and sending home Cotterill & Gunter. As far as my optimistic chances of qualification go, we need to be picking up a point or three against Serbia so there is pressure to perform and keep an unbeaten run going to give us any chance of getting something against the Belgians in a few days time.
Football Manager 2013: International Manager - Wales vs Serbia - YouTube
Wales must put to rest their embarrassing losses to Serbia & Belgium. Having noticed a complete lack of efforts on goal in all 4 World Cup Qualifiers, I attempt a 4-4-2 system to use in our upcoming friendlies. I bring in some changes. Robson-Kanu has been dropped to give Vaughan & Jones a chance on the left. Owain Fon Williams returns, we drop Rickets for Adam Matthews and even attempt to try Bale out as a Striker[FONT=arial, sans-serif]: [/FONT]Football Manager 2013: International Manager - Wales vs Lithuania - YouTube
Its been some time since Wales last game allowing players the chance to impress for their clubs. As a result I have called up those who are playing and impressing for their clubs for a friendly against Libya who are ranked 51st in the World. This is a great warm up for taking on Macedonia in the World Cup Qualifiers who are ranked below 100 in the world so a win here would put us in a great position getting back into those important matches.

I'm also trying webcam with Football Manager for the first time so I would love some feedback on what you think of it, I'm going to try it for a bit to see if it's received well: Football Manager 2013: International Manager - Wales vs Libya - YouTube
So recently I tried to shake things up by calling up players who were playing regularly for their clubs and in decent enough form. This brought up a couple of surprise changes including trying out a flat 4-4-2 system. This worked great against Libya even though we went behind early on.

We went on to win 3-1 and I'm really encouraged at some of our youngsters such as Jon Williams & Adam Matthews. As a result they are in my starting team for the world cup qualifier against Macedonia. Again I'm using webcam for a bit more interest and I like to think this is one of my better commentaries. It is a must win game if we want any chance of competing for 2nd as Belgium are run away leaders in 1st as it stands: Football Manager 2013: International Manager - Wales vs Macedonia - YouTube
Its been a few days since my rage-tacular episode against the Scots. I'm always looking for ways to make my videos better so I do a quick recap of that last episode and then talk about my team changes before jumping into a friendly against Honduras who are just outside the top 50 world rankings in 51st. The domestic season has ended to the guys have had about a week rest but should hopefully still be sharp enough to give the home fans a performance: Football Manager 2013: International Manager - Wales vs Honduras - YouTube
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For those of you who may not have known I uploaded Wales's latest friendly yesterday on a scheduled release but have been unable to update forums until so sorry to keep you waiting. I'ts pre-season in game and ive got the lads together before the season kicks off for a friendly against Hungary who are ranked 38th.

Since the season ended the new world rankings have been announced and Wales have shot up to 28th which I'm delighted about. Top 20 is my next target. Hopefully this will be a morale boost to the squad coming into this friendly but also we have Hennessey back after his season long injury: Football Manager 2013: International Management - Wales vs Hungary - YouTube