Jan 25, 2013
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Into The Future II - England

The year is 2062, its now been 96 years since England last won the world cup. Next world cup will mark the 100th anniversary of our world cup triumph and as a funny coincedence, we're hosting.

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On our road to glory are the 2064 Euros and hopefully the '65 Confed Cup if we win the Euros (I think thats how it works).
Nice have you just simmed that far then?
Can you upload this file, see who manages to win the World Cup in the quickest time possible.
Can you upload this file, see who manages to win the World Cup in the quickest time possible.

Yep, its still simming but there's only a year or two to go, my upload speeds are horrendous though so it'll take a while especially for such a big file
Update #1
My expectations seem pretty easy but I'm not complaining about low expectations, the countries gunna be proud when I win the world cup (hopefully).

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Here's my qualification group for Euro 2054, seems pretty easy with maybe only Scotland giving us a challenge with none of the others inside the top 50 in the world rankings and 3 of them outside the top 100. Yeah I know. Scotland. A good football team. Well this is 2062 so maybe...

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The Team

This man could well be a god among men, there's very little I'd change about him, maybe his finishing could go up a bit, but as a winger? Perfection.

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Up front we have these two guys, I feel very confident they can fire me to success with them scoring 52 goals between them. They're two of the top 6 strikers in the world, no complaints from me.

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My keeper is the second best in the world. He looks absolutely amazing and I doubt we'll concede many goals with him between the sticks. Also seems to be very happy in this picture..

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In terms of club football very little has changed at the top of the premier league with Arsenal and the two Manchester clubs dominating. Cardiff managed to win the league in 2055! Liverpool have gotten relegated 6 times since 2012 and 3 times since 2050 so they're struggling, the only club that has fallen majorly is Reading who were in League 2 a couple of years back, not sure where they are and this could be an interesting story for someone to run (Jakec3151?).
Update #2
Here are the results up till now

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I'm not too upset about the Spain result, they were runners up in the World Cup and are world no.1 or 2 and they weren't much better than us. The Aruba game is kind of what International Friendlies are all about, playing the worst team in the world and seeing how many you can put past them. We should've scored more than 8 really considering the number of chances we had. Scotland surprised me with how well they played and 1-1 was probably fair in the end, they've got a couple of amazing players.

I think this goes to show just how easy qualifying for the Euros is.

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Liverpool were relegated, again, with just one win all season.

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Here's my qualification group table, I feel pretty confident that we can win out from here with Scotland at home the hardest fixture to come.

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is this FM 2013 or 2012? Just asking as to get to 2060ish takes very long.
Not bad so far, following this, I was just wondering if you could enlighten us on a couple of interesting careers for cult icons playing right now to tell us what they do for the rest of their career? (Rooney, Messi, Ronaldo and co)?
:O Ox's international record is immense!! Considering he's a winger, that many appearances too!!
Now that is interesting, I'm surprised at how little former players are appointed as coaches in the game
:O Ox's international record is immense!! Considering he's a winger, that many appearances too!!

Shame the only major trophy he won with England is the 2016 Euros really, most capped England player of all time too

Now that is interesting, I'm surprised at how little former players are appointed as coaches in the game

I was having a look about this and I saw this interesting little thing from Wayne Rooney, he had an amazing career as a coach

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Update #3

Scotland slipped up against Bosnia & Herzegovina which should meant that I should win the group easily

Here are my final results through the qualification stage

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So I topped the group comfortably with Scotland bagging a playoff spot

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And the draw for Euro 2064 has given me a really easy group, Russia could be tricky but I don't see any problems here, group C is probably the nastiest there but there's no "Group of Death"

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Update #4
England's star player breaks his metatarsul putting him in doubt for a major tournament, something sounds familiar here..

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Here's my friendly results in the run up to Euro 2064, we're unable to keep clean sheets against decent teams which could be a worry come tournament time

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Interesting surprise for me here, GB are hosting the Olympics in 2064 so we're playing, thought I might take control myself and try and win a gold medal.

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It's time!

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Update #6
In my second round game I bagged a 2-1 win over Switzerland, we made this game much much harder than it should've been

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In the quarters we came up against Scotland again, we beat and drew to them in qualification so how would be fare?

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It was a really easy 4-0 win and if anything, it should've been more

Onto the semi finals and Belgium came next, this looks like it could be a tough game as Belgium have a couple of quality players

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Semi finals of the Euros was that? I thought I was playing Aruba again

That Bob Wright booking was a killer though, its never nice to be missing one of your best players for the final

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Here we go then with the final! We are playing Spain and they have Jorge who is amazing.

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Lenny Coleman won the Golden Boot

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Thats a cracking result and really sets us up to have a good run at the World Cup in 2 years time.
Update #7
It's Olympics time and in my group I was drawn with Australia, Angola and Uruguay. I was considering selecting Micky Smith, Bob Wright and Lenny Coleman in my squad as my 3 over 23 player but I opted against it as they were tired from the Euros and I wanted to give others a chance to shine

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Thse games were all quite easy and I should've walked all over the opposition but our finishing was dreadful

In the quarterfinals we were drawn against the USA

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Morgan was amazing in this game and has really impressed me so far, I might be looking to bring him into the England squad in the future

We got France in the semi finals and they looked like a really strong team, their wingers looked quality and their defense seemed solid

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2-0 flattered us and the game was very even, I thought we were marginally the better team but the game could've gone either way

So into our second final of the summer and we faced Holland, they are definitely the best team in the tournament, Ricardo Dekker was on fire and had the Golden Boot pretty much sealed by the quarter finals, this looked like it was going to be a really tough game and we would have to be on top form to win.

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What a win in the 92nd minute and Mike Smith netted a cracking goal to win it. Aaron Morgan was really impressive again and he looks like a future England star. Two championship wins in the same summer is a very good sign with some of the younger players impressing, I'll be looking to bring some of these in to replace the older players in my team who are getting past their best, in the run up to the World Cup.

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how good are Ireland? Any world class players or are they still mediocre?