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Feb 25, 2013
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Hey Sean said I should introduce myself so here I am. Always had an interest in manager games, currently I have FM12 don't think I'll be getting 13 - Pretty sure more likely.

Recently though been playing this mmo football player sim. You take the role of a player and manage your daily routines, such as what foods you eat, accommodation and what not. It still needs some polishing due to it being pretty new and the game has been translated from polish which could use some work still. Anyway if your interested the link is - Football game

The most exciting thing is because it is new the 1st division is still establishing itself and you can easily get a contract with a 4th-5th place team or lower and get instant playing time. There are no bot controlled players, all the players are real people.
If you check it out PM me to let me know what you think. I'm new there myself but I'll be happy to help answer any questions you have. My Player name there is Lorenzo Crisetig (probably recognize the name if you know how to spot a good deal on FM2012/13). If you Search Lorenzo you'll find me.

edit - Thought I should mention more about my FM12 game lol
Raikan007 - sweeper and amazing tactics have been just that amazing. Started with southampton signed Soukouna, Sanogo, Prestia, Kara, Areola and some others. Only lost 4 matches, won the league cup and the championship. Made some more good youth signings with joel valencia, Niang mbyae (sorry about spelling), Hanley, some veterans like Nesta to tutor and many more.
edit2. I think my win % is about 80%-83%. I do cheat a little though when a first team player gets injured and it's longer then a week or two I reload. If I could I would turn injuries off completely.

I went looking for network matches to join but didn't have any luck, which is when I came across the above mentioned game and have been playing that.

This is an intro and a thanks for all the tips and tactics I found on FM-Base i guess lol
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Man I'm a sucker for this game, I said I wouldn't get 2013 but then I seen it advertised for 9 pounds, I had to get it, I love this game too much! lol

Anyway I'm completely new to the 2013 scene and I've not even started it up yet. I read a little bit awhile ago in these forums how the ai is a lot smarter and can actually counter your tactics so you need to adapt and not send out the same raikan Tottenham libero formation

EDIT: half my message didn't save oh well quickly sum it up.

Any tips for a new 2013 player? Also what npower teams have the best young players with potential. I'm thinking about doing a multiplayer npower career mode, any takers? Huge respect for those who contribute on this forum and I appreciate any replies and look forward to starting my 2013 career with you :)
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