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Introduce a brand new game " GoKickOff "

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Dec 30, 2010
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GoKickOff is a fun and challenging online football manager game. It's browser base, you can play anywhere.

The firstpage of the game looks like this. The interface of the game is easy to use and the graphic looks quite good.

You can setup tactics of your own choice. You may need different tactics for different opponents.
Transfer market is available in the game so you can buy a decent player and sell an unused player.
Trading players is this game is run by auction system. You can guest the maximum bid by using a scout
and the accuracy of this guesses will depends on the level of that scout.


The player's attributes is display nicely and clearly with graphical interface available.

You can setup training programmes to improve a player's attributes as your wish.
The effectiveness of the training also depends on the coach. In this game you can buy and sell coach.

Match report is available at the end of each match. Stats and reports are very clear in the game just like real match.
Manager can read the match report to find room for improvement. The match is the game is very realistic.
Therefore, injury may happen in each match so don't forget to upgrade your medic team as well.

Gokickoff is a social game. Live chat is available in the game. What's more, social integration on facebook
is also available. Thus, you can share your success on facebook.

There are more exciting features which you can find them in the game.

Enjoy playing gokickoff at
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