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Jan 10, 2010
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Right before you ban me or give me a Infraction I would like to point out. I have donated to the site and I appoligise for what happened when I made all those threads about the members and the site. I am so sorry for all that and I have grown up since then.

Please do not ban me I am starting to pop on the site from now and then.

I am Paul Custus!
Well everyone deserves a 2nd chance i suppose. Keep your nose clean, donation or no donation you will be banned if you **** about.
I imagine an admin will show up soon enough to

1. inform us newer members who you are
2. close this thread

Couldnt wait a few seconds for me to post JP?? :p
I would love to close this thread to wind you up ;) just jokin
first up your im guessing your very young,second tell us what youve been saying? im dying to know as im nosey you see :D
I dont think being a moron on a FM fan site is something he would want to boast about, especially now he has grown up ;)

I can see this thread is just going to be about what you did so im closing. Like i always say, actions speak louder than words.
Not open for further replies.