Aug 28, 2016
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I have an unfortunate problem with not being able to see player attributes.

A situation shetch: I manage a team in the Dutch Eredivisie, after being promoted from the Eerste Divisie (the tier below) and I am currently halfway my fourth season, but since a few weeks (in-game, that is), I seem to have trouble seeing player attributes of players in countries I have considerable knowledge in.

Take for example Gabi from Atlético Madrid, not an unknown player by all means.
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I find it very strange that he has no visible attributes, not even in the slightest; it's not weird to see that with Indian or African players that play in countries I have no knowledge in, but this is a top-notch player in the Liga BBVA.
To be complete, this is my scouting knowledge:
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To emphasize this problem even more (if it is at least a problem), you can find a player below that plays in one of the best teams in Belgian football teams, Standard. This guy has been in Belgian football [I have full knowledge in Belgium] for his entire career, and yet, he has no visible attributes whatsoever.
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Maybe it's my faulty scouting (I tend to scout only younger players, which Gabi obviously isn't), but this goalie is only 22 and I believe at some point should have been on the radar for one of my scouts.

So, I don't know whether it's really a technical problem or my approach to scouting, but I was surprised to see that I have no visible player attributes with Gabi and Henkinet.

Anyways guys, thanks in advance for your feedback!