[iPhone/Touch] Donkey Fly's Attacking 4-4-2


Nov 4, 2009
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Donkey Fly's Attacking 4-4-2

My first tactic for FM11H after losing 2 pre-season and 1 at start of the season badly I decided to make my own. I have the game for iPod Touch. Still in beta really but seems to be going well - would like feedback and suggestions from all those who might wanna use it.

My current game is with Bradford City in League 2. Mid Table quality side really I'd say. Low budget so don't expect to bring many players in - loans are all you really have apart from free transfers. The tactic uses a basic 4-4-2 formation with the two wide midfielders in attacking midfield positions. This almost makes the formation 4-2-4 but with the 2 wider players also available to come back and support in defence and the middle of the field.


Home Torquay 6-0 win
Away Crewe 3-1 Win
Away Crewe (JPT) 1-1 Draw (Lost On Penalties :/)
Home Bury 0-0
Gillingham away 2-2 draw
Northampton Home 0-0 (10 men for 45 mins)
Burton Away 0-0

Had way too many draws really, defence was good but wasn't finishing chances. I changed wingers to inside forwards, poacher to advanced forward
and wing backs to full backs. I also made some changes to team instructions.

Lincoln Home - 3-0 win
Accrington Away - 1-0 Win
Hereford Away - 1-0 win
Oxford Away - 4-3 Win
Wycombe Home - 0-0 Draw

Looks pretty good so far. No losses. Results so far...

P 26
W 17
D 9
L 0
F 59
A 24

I have also beaten 2-3 league 1 teams in FA Cup so far as well as beating Nottm Forest - drawing away and then beating them 1-0 in the replay!


The Tactic
Formation - 4-4-2 Attacking


Team Mentality - Attacking
Passing Style - Direct
Tackling - Committed
Pressing - Yes
Offside Trap - No
Counter Attack - No
Men Behind Ball - No


Player Roles
RB - Full Back
LB - Full Back
LCB - Central Defender
RCB - Central Defender
AML - Inside Forward
MCL - Ball Winning Midfielder
MCR - Deep Lying Playmaker
AMR - Inside Forward
FCL - Target Man
FCR - Advanced Forward


My key players seem to be Omar Daley (AMR) and Adeyemi (MCR). Both on great form.

Let me know how you get on if you try it and all crit is welcome!

UPDATE: So far Unbeaten after around 45 games! Lost to Premiership STOKE on penalties - drew both legs, should of won first leg, conceded last minute! Doesn't count as a loss on the game. Won the league with most goals and 2nd best conceded goals rate. High GD, 120 odd points. Starting League 1 season 2 now.

After 63 games, finally beaten by Chelsea in the FA CUP 3rd Round. Lost 4-2. Screenshot below somewhere.
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Not bad, would be wary of commited tackling and it could end up with lots of bookings.

I am guessing your wingers supply all the balls for the Target Man whilst the advanced forward picks up any loose balls? With your midfield are the MCs similar to sweepers providing balls forward but not straying up the pitch too far but instead protecting the defence and recovering balls?

Good results though, cannot argue with 0 losses.
Do get an occasional red card, haven't really tried without commited.

The wingers do supply balls but also score a few as well. Midfielders are certainly more defensive minded. Necessary to make up for the very attacking wingers.
I'm gonna try this. But I prefer to have a poacher rather than an Advanced Forward.
Back to back promotions from league 2 to championship, won JPT last season also.

Played one game in Championship so far, beat Southampton 3-1.