Feb 9, 2006
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0 some fluke of my team and tactics fitting together pretty well I have managed to get Ipswich promoted in the first season!!

My problem is...that whilst my team is fine for the championship i think i will struggle in the premiership and especially the defence needs a fair bit of work!!

Any suggestions?? oh and at the moment i have budget of 325K in June.....but am hoping for more when they get the Prem money through!!

OH and am signing Lionel Mathis and Igor Tudor on frees in the summer!!

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what tactic were u using cos i can only get mid table with wolves,

and i am sure there will be sum good out of contract defenders
I used this tactic just seem to work!!

What do you reckon to Calum Davenport?? because i could sign him for about 300k!!
too much for calum davenport.......look for cheaper and more experienced defenders:)
yeh am going to look around.....I should be alright though now because the board gave me some more money and increased wage budget so am able to get more frees and sign some more players.

any suggestions for right back??.....that seems to be a weak position!!
eduardo ratinho, phillip bardsley
ow much u got left. I got tyrone mears for 750k at end of 1st season. he done well 4 me in prem wit reading.
i went with Andrew Griffin in the he has premiership experience and could get him for 900k...where as i didn't ave enough for Ratinho or Bardsley!!

Heres an update nearer the start of the season.....i signed Veiri for 75k as someone to knock it up to and then Voronin can be the main goalscorer guy!!
You should load up Scotland..can always get spl defenders cheap like Iby Tall at Hearts or Corrigan at Motherwell.

To be honest i think you should be looking to stay up the next 2-3 seasons and build up some funds..then try making a push for top 10 or europe.
Lol howtf did u get Voronin?? and its good to see you heeded my advice bout Denilson ;)
he was available on a free andy.....he wanted 22k so i offered him 14.5k (which is my maximum) and he came for some reason.....obv because the Tractor Boys are on the up!! :)

yeh Kris am just aiming to stay up now and maybe get a reasonable cup run in....and then strengthen with some more youth!
right well.....Don't know how to explain this one really!!! the tactics have worked again even at the higher level....and the new players have fit in well!! thats all i can say....:yikes:

The season started 'nicely'...with a 1-0 win away to Chelsea and has remained wierd (but very good)!! :D

If I can maintain form then hopefully a european place would be nice but still stayin up is the first priority......anything else is a bonus!!

I am out of the League Cup and have Walsall in the 3rd round of the FA cup!!

below...if i have done it properly should be the league table, fixture/results list and team at the moment!!

Come on you Tractor Boys!! :p