Mar 24, 2013
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Im going to start a York City save and im wondering if I should play on classic or normal, opinions wanted
I found CLASSIC much better, and I also found this : FM Editor Live 2013, try it, at list you have a bit of money, if you don't know how to use it, let me know
I suppose you've played previous editions of FM before? If not, then classic mode could be a good introduction.

But I assume that you're a veteran, so classic mode is pretty easy, and frustrating because if you're like me, you'll find quite quickly that it lacks depth and the 'it' what makes FM "regular" so awesome.
If your PC/laptop has the specs then you should definitely play normal mode, its a no brainer.
I only really play classic mode when I play FM at home.

Mainly because I cba with press conferences and team talks. :)
Start at classic if you havent played previous FM like I did. It's limited, so if you want MORE, switch over to Normal...