May 20, 2010
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I've got a question about FM 13. Is it really good? I mean, does it have many innovations and is it way better then the previous part? Are there some bugs? I still play FM 12 but as I have some money now I'm thinking about buying FM 13. However, I'd like to know if it's really worth to buy first.

Sorry for any mistakes, but I'm not a native speaker of Eanglish.

I'll be grateful for the opinions, cheers.
I'll keep it short and simple:

Full-price - no
on sale - yes

EDIT: btw, new versions are usually out by October end/November, so maybe just save up for FM14?
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thanks for the opinion,

u know how it is with the new versions at the beginning - all the bugs, two patches must come out before we can really enjoy the game. So I never buy FM in the first moths after premiere.
as kryzchuk said, i'd rather wait upto two months after the release of FM14, as Football Manager is a huge coding game, there'll be tons of bugs in the 1st two months probably.

If you are spending lots of time playing FM, full price is worth it, it takes a lot of time to play.
Absolutely I've been playing for just over 2000 hours and still not completed it.

But seriously the best yet for me as you can't just plug and play tactics as you could the last few years so yes even if it was just to keep you going till FM14... BUY IT!!
Buy 14 mate. Even with the bugs, you will test the game, see players, and get into it. By the time the patches are out you can start a long term save knowing the game
No. Not this late, No. We are closer to FM14, SO wait a couple more months and buy FM 14 itself.
If you have a lot of free time I would say yes, however if you don't have much time then no.